Technology of RNE CCS CI

All the required software for the Common Interface application can be installed by using the installation package/executable file. Afterwards, more customised parameters can be set manually.

The hardware for the CI needs to be provided and operated locally by the user company. Win OS and Linux RedHat Enterprise are supported. Other Linux distributions may also work, but have not been tested. Hardware sizing depends on the required message throughput and is described in more detail here.

The following software/dependencies will be installed:

  • MySQL 5.5.27 including Database Scripts
  • Java 1.8.40
  • JBoss 6.1 with ESB 4.10
  • Common Components Application.

RNE will provide installation support if required. After the installation all user functions can be accessed via a web browser, as shown by the diagram below:


tl_files/RNE_Upload/CCS/2016/CI Reference Implementation_v2.png


The European Railway Agency (ERA) successfully carried out the following tests on the Common Interface during a three-month period:

  • Configuration tests
  • Connection tests
  • Load test
  • TAP commercial basic parameters.

RNE service support for CI

RNE will provide the following support for the CI Reference Implementation and subsequent use of the CI:

  • Multiple instances, if desired
  • Installation support
  • X509 certificates
  • Documentation and user manuals
  • Software updates (new releases)
  • Technology upgrades on open source software
  • Service desk
  • Online ticket support
  • Telephone support – during working hours
  • Hot-line support – 24-hour incident management

Click here to download the CI product description.

You will find the contact details for service support here.