RNE's Task

On 1 January 2015, responsibility for the development, maintenance and ongoing operation of the TAF-TSI Common Components was transferred from the Common Components Group (CCG) to RNE. This included the following elements:

  • Common Interface (CI) for standardised message exchange
  • Central Reference File Database for Location and Company codes
  • Certification Authority for secure message exchange with X509 certificates.


RNE’s added value

Management of the Central Reference Files by RNE provides added value:

  • support for data collection, ensuring data quality and data security by involving RNE Working Groups
  • providing access to Reference Data, which are compatible with data used in the RNE systems
  • further maintenance of the database system.

RNE also provides added value as regards Common Interface management because it provides support to the entire railway sector:

  • development of the product based on open source software
  • maximum compatibility both with existing and future legacy systems
  • investments into old legacy systems are safeguarded
  • high performance: the application is capable of exchanging 100 messages per second and is scalable through different deployment strategies
  • compatible with different platforms for deployment under Windows or Linux RedHat.

The Common Interface also supports message exchange outside the scope of the TAF/TAP Regulations, if a number of conditions concerning the message structure (Message Header) are met. This will provide great added value, enabling the CI to be used for new business opportunities.